Posted June 1, 2018 by Jana Hepbun

In Pursuit of Relief – A Patient Success Story

Chronic migraine patient, Jodie Epstein, founder of Migraine Buds, transformed from being in constant, debilitating pain to discovering a healthier, happier life. Read more about her wellness journey, how GrowWise was a part of it and discover her passionate dedication to helping other migraine sufferers find empowerment and relief.



I am a chronic migraine patient, which by definition means I experience more than 15 migraines per month. At my worst, I had intractable migraine for 29 days out of a month. It was a living nightmare. I’ve had migraines since age 11, though at that time they were considered “episodic” and I struggled with only four to five a year. Though migraines were an awful thing to deal with at that age, I learned to manage them. It wasn’t until my condition turned chronic at age 29 that I realized just how debilitating migraines could really be.

When I first felt relief, true relief from this pain my life has become, I cried tears of pure joy. It was short lived. Yet it was enough to reinstate hope, which is something pain patients need desperately. My situation has improved greatly over the last few years, and it is because I have learned to take a larger role in my own healthcare. I have more control, initiative, and rely less on other people to steer my progress. It took hitting rock bottom, but I overhauled my entire lifestyle, diet and method of treatment. I needed to free myself from the vicious cycle of rebound migraine.

In order to start, I needed to temporarily stop medicating with triptans and opioids. I was only able to do this by replacing them with medical cannabis. With help from GrowWise Health and their team of educators, I became a legal cannabis patient and began experimenting with flower, vaping and CBD oil. I began keeping track of how everything affected my head pain. I felt empowered. I also “came out” of the cannabis closet to my family and co-workers!  Destigmatizing led to advocating, and I was so excited to help others like me.

This is only the beginning of Jodie’s journey. Read more about her quest for a healthier life and passionate dedication to helping other migraine sufferers here.

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