Patient Success Stories

GrowWise Health provides ongoing support to patients on their cannabis journey. We have helped thousands of patients with cannabis treatment and continue to hear incredible stories of how cannabis has changed people’s lives. Meet a few of our patients who have found relief through cannabis treatment.

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Ben Pobjoy

“Dear GrowWise, My name is Ben. A few years ago, I took up walking as a practice to get healthy, relieve stress and find inspiration out in the world.

I soon found myself walking 100km each week around Toronto; a pursuit I loved, but one that started to take a toll on my feet, knees and hips.

Struggling with inflammation after long walks, my chiropractor suggested I try CBD – one of the non-psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant – via GrowWise. I received my first prescription late last year and it has been tremendously helpful in combating inflammation and helping with recovery. So much so, that it has enabled me to go on even longer walks with less downtime time in between.

I now walk the world. In the last two months, I’ve trekked a marathon in Reykjavik, an ultramarathon in Montreal, set a personal best marathon time in Toronto, did a marathon in Detroit, did four back-to-back marathons in Mexico City and one in Los Angeles. All of this, in part, from the help of my CBD prescription.

Just wanted to share how CBD is an integral part of my tool kit in my athletic pursuits! And something helping me recover right now as a prepare for some big walks in the US, Africa and Europe in the coming months!   Many thanks, Ben”

Thank you Ben for sharing your success story with us! We are so impressed by your passion and commitment to health and well being. Check out Ben’s Instagram page for more beautiful photos from his globe trotting adventures!

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