Posted August 2, 2016 by Parham Mofidi

Multiple Studies Show Cannabis Can Promote Weight Loss, Stress Management, and Healthy Living

We often think of cannabis as lending itself to what is commonly perceived as the “stoner” lifestyle—that is, a bag of chips, and some down time on the couch. But, as research becomes more comprehensive, the knowledge surrounding medical uses of cannabis becomes increasingly complete: cannabis is slowly being given a new place in society, one that integrates it into a balanced, healthy lifestyle, for a stronger and more peaceful you.

As more and more patients come through our doors, we continue to see the positive impact medical cannabis has had on them. Many patients struggling with chronic and debilitating conditions report that cannabis is helpful for managing their weight and aids with stress reduction. Here, we’ve compiled the research showing exactly how cannabis helps.

The Connection Between Stress And Weight Management

Understanding ways to incorporate cannabis into your health routine is essential for effectively managing stress. Stress management is a key component of successful management of chronic illness, and is also an important aspect of everyday life.

Stress can show on our bodies in different ways. We may experience pain, tension in our neck, hair loss, and even an added layer of fat tissue. The calories we consume may be stored as fat when cortisol, a stress hormone, remains high for an extended period of time, or when insulin levels spike. Weight gain as a result of stress is a common occurrence for many people. For individuals living with a chronic condition, stress and the resulting weight gain can have serious implications for their health.

How Medical Marijuana Promotes Weight Loss: Stress Relief

You might be surprised to know that stress relief is one of the most common uses for cannabis. With advances in research, more and more patients are relying on cannabidiol (also known as: CBD), a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, to help with stress management, anxiety, and improved energy levels. This trend is supported by recent research which shows that cannabis has the potential to help manage anxiety disorders. By providing stress relief, medical cannabis can help individuals who would like to lose weight. Through Canada’s MMPR program, patients are able to safely and legally access products such as CBD cannabis oil. One remarkable aspect of CBD is that it is completely non-psychoactive, allowing patients to integrate it into their treatment regimen effortlessly.

Medical Marijuana Promotes Weight Loss: Insulin & Diabetes

In addition to helping manage stress-induced weight gain, cannabis has the potential to help diabetic patients who may struggle with weight gain as a result of an inability to regulate insulin levels. A recent study found that, compared to controls, cannabis users had 16% less fasting insulin (insulin before you eat) and 17% lower insulin resistance (a lowered response to insulin). Less fasting insulin as well as a lowered response to insulin means that these individuals produce less sugars than diabetics that do not use cannabis. Since extra weight is often the consequence of an overabundance of sugars, these findings have major consequences for patients with diabetes who are overweight.

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GrowWise Health Medical Cannabis Education provides free education and support services for patients in Toronto, North York, Niagara Region, Fort Erie and across Ontario and Canada. Some patients who use GrowWise Health services report that cannabis helps them with stress management, weight loss, and other aspects of healthy living. GrowWise Health works with medical clinics across Canada including White Cedar Medical Cannabis Doctors, which has locations across Ontario.

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